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Who Are We?

Andes Celtig is a travel company with links to both the Welsh settlements of Patagonia, Argentina and to Wales. Our experience in the area of tourism in the Welsh settlements of Patagonia spans from 1998, and our team include descendents of the original Welsh pioneers, and fluent speakers of Spanish, Welsh and English.

Our personal contacts with the Welsh descendants of Patagonia enable us to offer an experience that will provide you first hand personal contact with those descended from the original 19th Century Welsh colonizers, and ensure that your journey to Patagonia is an unforgettable experience. We organize tours to the Welsh regions of Patagonia but we also organize trips to the rest of Patagonia and Argentina, and also to other countries in southern South America, such as Uruguay, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

We specialise in coordinating custom tailor made tours to the Welsh areas of Patagonia for choirs, rugby groups, cultural delegations, seminars, scientific investigation, wildlife photography, and other groups, large or small, couples and individual travellers. Because our tours are flexible we are able to design itineraries according to a customer’s budget, departure dates and other personal interests allowing the customer full control of how much they spend and what they see.


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